Photofeed was conceptualized and built within the Pixable team. We all worked long hours to design and develop a cloud-storage photo app. Any photo you take with your Android or wifi enabled camera will automatically get uploaded to your Photofeed account along with the photos from any external hard drive.

Photofeed Landing Page


I designed the landing experience for Photofeed. To encourage users to learn more and potentially sign up, we decided on the use of parallax motion for desktop. Here's how it looked on mobile.

Android App

Here's a few selected screens from our Android app. The photos taken from your device gets managed in the app and syncs with the web app for a consistent view on all your photos.



Staying true to Android patterns in 2013, the transition seen above illustrates the menu and overflow.

This animation explains to users that their photos are being uploaded and allows them to close the app while this process is happening.

Web App

Navigation Animation

Photofeed Branding

Specs and Wireframes