With the consideration of the Golden Ratio, I present to your the Pixable 'eye'.

Pixable Rebrand

The transition from a photo curation product to an editorial content platform warranted a redesign of the branding with the consideration of being more closely aligned with our target demographic—millennials. 

Pixable Before and After


The old Pixable logo was well suited for the business at the time we were a photo curation product. Pixable before getting into the editorial content space allowed users to connect their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account in order to see only photos in one experience. We also provided curated photo feeds based on trending topics.

Final Logo

The final logo treatment was a result of dozens of meetings and weeks of effort. We decided on the logo since it conveyed 1) News - the eye in the center has a strong reference to newsworthy content. 2) Youth - our target demographic is millennials. The use of bright colors suggests a playful undertone. This allowed for the categories to be sectioned off by our colors. Our logotype went through many iterations. We wanted a youthful and fun way to depict our brand all the while maintaining a newsworthy attitude.

Pixable Color Theme

Logo Animation

Sketches and Process