Pixable provides snackable editorial content along with branded content to engage millennials and encourage sharing on social networks. As a designer for Pixable, a great challenge is managing all the platforms (Android, iOS, mobile web, web, email) allowing to user to feel comfortable with whichever they are used to all the while providing on a consistent product and experience.

Pixable App

We made the design consistent across our iOS and Android apps all the while ensuring the differences in platform trends. Shown above are the Android tablet, Android, iOS, and iPad apps.

Transitions and animations

Pull to refresh

We went with a menu that reveals from the bottom to top for a more natural feel. You can find the version that has the menu coming in from the right to left below.

Native apps allow for motion that allows for a better experience. Not only does motion design make your product polished, but it helps the user understand the information architecture better. 

Shrinking Navigation

This concept allowed for maximum screen space when the page is scrolled.

Pixable Responsive Web

We have a fully responsive web experience for pixable.com


Pixable's Contributor's Network Landing Experience 

To entice users to write for Pixable, we created a landing experience with elements of parallax for them to learn more about the platform. The platform allowed them to write their own unique articles and submit original art and contribute to Pixable. This was a responsive experience for all platforms including mobile and tablet.

Sign Up Features

Specs and Wireframes